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Hey everybody. I thought I might post some of my genderqueer shots up, to be found here (link takes you back to my lj). Critique welcomed. It's interesting how since I bleached my hair, I think I pass more easily than when it was my natural color. Somehow that seems contradictory, but I'm not complaining. The past few days I've really O.D.-ed on the cutesy girly stuff, you know, mini skirts, cute socks, hair bows and ridiculously kawaii barettes. I say it's time for a switch. Right now I'm still sort of on this gender pendulum, one day I'd like to be able to find a nice middle ground. Something consistent. But maybe that's just an ideal, or maybe the swinging pendulum really is the only middle ground available to me. Not sure. Anyways.

Cross posted.
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Specific myspace pages (okay, I'm trying to be creative here)

I have recently created a few new myspace accounts.
This one, in particular, is used to bring together people that are transexual and androgynous.
Did I do well in the opening presentation? heheh

I also created profiles for fag hags and fireflies, please allow yourself to join a group if you want to help make change. Be honest now, if your packing a little chub in your side pocket, don't go trying to join the firefly group- we'll just want to refer you to Jenny Craig. have a nice day. (Place for fag hags) (place for fireflies)

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I am the girl who lives her life in shame
I am the girl who lives her life with a secrote
I am the girl who lives her life with depression
I am the girl who lives with GID
I am not much of a girl I geuss

I am the transexual that crys himself to sleep
I am the transexual who wounders what it feels like to smile
I am the transexual who wounders if its fair to kill himself
I am the transexual who wounders when his world will change
I am not much of a girl after all

I am the F2M who is regarded as distasteful
I am the F2M who is made fun of for his tears
I am the F2M who is so lonely that he had no friend
I am the F2M who regrets being born
I am not really a girl

I am the person who you see at school
I am the person you see at work
I am the person who you pass on the street
I am the person you wounder what 'it' is

I am exactly that....a person
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Hey all.

I'm new here. I just thought I'd say hello. I'm a 17 year old male named Matthew, but you can call me by the name I want to be called, Madeleine. Or Maddy for short. I'm a MTF transsexual, and I'm still very not out. When I move out of my house, I plan to start transitioning so I can one day live full time as a girl. I haven't told my parents about my being gay or transsexual yet, and that's probably for the better.

I like shopping, I wanna attend college and then cosmetology school. I want to get a degree in creative writing, then go on to work at a salon. I also wanna get my piercing/tattooing license. I'm moving to Seattle in a year if I get into college there, and I'm super excited and can't wait. Anyone who wants to talk to me can.

I am glad there are communities like this out there. Thanks all!
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First Post

Hello.My names Kayla and I go by Skyler.
I am 17 and Im from Maine.
I am transgender.
Im not really out yet and My family couldnt be more blinde to it.
But thats good I geuss.
Im going to be a Jr. in high school as soon as it starts again.

Ummm not sure what else to say.

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*waves* Hi..guess I need to introduce name is Hope but I go by my nick name Shadow...I'm 17 and going to be a senior when ever school starts back(yay!^^)

I'm from NC...hate it because of the people....closed minded and pains in the ass. I'm currently single and all that good stuffs....

I don't have any piccies of me cause I [1]don't have a scanner and [2] no digital camera><

I'm a huge tomboy...have very very rare girly moments....

My hobbies and stuffs are
-riding fourwheelers
-collecting manga
-collecting music and obessing about bands
- anything to do with WWF/WWE

That's about it....this community is te bomb!!
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i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts.

yay, first post. awesome. i'll get to the layout of this thing as soon as i can.

anyway, i guess since i'm the mod, i should let you guys know something about me.

here's a pic.

shriek!!Collapse )

anyway, my name is Caitlin and i'm 16 years old. i also run the glbt_rants community, which you're welcome to join. i'm bisexual and i have a girlfriend. i'm also a raving tomboy, and yes, i live in that beanie. i do have my glam moments though, which you might get to see if i feel like posting the pics.

any other questions? email me at or check out my journal.

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